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Crime Patrol: Gujarat Police arrest woman who committed suicide 14 years ago (Ep 63, 64 on 9, 10 Oct, 2020)

A woman had apparently committed suicide 14 years ago in Gujarat but was found alive; also a suspect in a murder case.

  • A married woman fell in love with another man in Gujarat
  • They devised a plan to elope where they even murdered a mentally challenged woman
  • After 14 years, the mystery of her death was unraveled and the police arrested the woman

A case, reported from Balwa village in Gujarat's Patan city, is giving the police force sleepless nights.

A woman in Balwa village who had died 14 years ago has been found to be alive. She is also a suspect in a murder case.

One Prakash Amritbhai Panchal was married to Bhikhiben 17 years ago. But along the way Bhikhiben fell in love with one Vijubha Rathod. They all lived in the same village.

Vijubha and Bhikhiben both fell in love with each other. They came across a hurdle soon - their union. They could not marry since Bhikhiben was already married to Prakash Amritbhai Panchal where he and Bhikhiben also had a son.

To keep their love affair a secret, Vijubha and Bhikhiben devised a master plan.
On February 6, 2005, Bhikhiben and her husband Prakash Amritbhai Panchal had an argument over something. After the tiff, Bhikhiben went to sleep in her room. But later in the night, Bhikhiben was not found in her room.

The family searched the house for Bhikhiben but found a dead body of a woman behind the house. The family failed to recognise the body. However, the dead body was donning Bhikhiben's clothes. This made the family think that Bhikhiben must have put herself on fire and committed suicide.
The police also registered a case of suicide. But after 14 years, Bhikhiben was found alive.
Prakash Amritbhai Panchal's friend visited Mehsana in Gujarat for some work. There the friend spotted Bhikhiben after 14 years. When the friend tried to learn more about Bhikhiben, he found out that she was now married to her lover Vijubha.

Bhikhiben was living in Mehsana after she had changed her identity. The matter was reported to the police soon.

Bhikhiben told the police that she along with Vijubha and his friends had devised the plan to elope.

Bhikhiben told the police that she, Vijubha and his friends had kidnapped a mentally challenged woman and murdered her. Then the three had put Bhikhiben's clothes on the dead woman and set her face on fire so that people could not recognise her.

The police have arrested a few people along with Bhikhiben and Vijubha in the case. 

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